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Ana Zdravković (Serbia) is a visual artist working mostly in the field of figurative painting and drawing. She is inspired by everything that surrounds her, especially in the variety of forms and textures encountered in nature. Her work explores the complexity of relations between the human, other living beings and the environment. She explores these connections through the world of plants and natural world reflecting on the possible results of their mutual impact. Focusing on the tiniest details of ordinary things, everyday objects and observing them deeply, she enjoys experimenting with different materials, types of paper, textiles, and different textures.
Graduated from the Painting Department at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade (Serbia), she received a Master in Art Research and Creation at the Complutense University in Madrid (Spain).
She is currently pursuing a PhD in Fine Arts with the focus on the possibilities of art-science connections and cross-disciplinary collaborations. She is a member of the Applied Artists and Designers Association of Serbia and has participated in various exhibitions, residency programs, artistic and educational projects.
Instagram: @a.zdrav

Ana Zdravković, photo.JPG
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