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I would describe my style as classic-abstract hybrids, reminding Rubens and Frankenthaler all in one! I mix media, the elements of old and modern schools, spontaneity with thoroughness, and dynamism with statics and try to be quite fearless doing so. For me it is important that the entire painting process consists of two very opposite phases. On the one hand, painting in
oil. I try to use all experiences here to create plastic bodies. The work is planned and tedious. I appeal to the tried and tested, the familiar, the slowly growing, the calming, the old. I do a lot of reseach about the depicted person and the painter and his time. The second phase then consists of adding the abstract elements in acrylic. Here I can combine the “old masters” with the expressive possibilities of modern painting. I work very quickly, intuitively, rely on my present feelings and keep myself free from rules. As a result I want to reach a unique balance of styles proving that all the art rules are made to be broken and the familiar contexts exist to be redefined!

My biggest influences are of course the Old Masters like Rubens, Van Dyck, Caravaggio, Velázquez, Vermeer, Hals etc. As abstract Master Painters I am influences by the work of Cy Twombly, Anselm Reyle, Helen Frankenthaler and Anne-Sophie Tschiegg (who is the greatest!). Also Bethoven is a great inspiration, because he handles contrasts so incredibly great in his compositions.

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Instagram: @anjawuelfing

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