Art Sokoloff (b.1996, Moscow) is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in London, UK. His research and projects center around the structure-based abstraction creation.
Art received a BA in Architecture at the Moscow Architectural Institute, the Russian Federation (2018), and two additional courses in Higher School of Economics in Moscow, the Russian
Federation (2017, 2018).
Since he started his MA in Print (in the Royal College of Art, London, UK), he has participated in various forms of exhibitions, projects and publications internationally. Recent exhibitions include: HG Virtual Display at Hockney Gallery, London, UK; Intaglio at Megalo Print Gallery, Canberra, AU;Mirror Project at 104GALERIE, Tokyo, JP; Summer 2020 Show at Curated Fridge, Somerville, US;36th Annual at Southwark Park Galleries, London, UK.


Relief printing on paper

As a multidisciplinary artist, my primary goal is to create systems with an emphasis on geometric abstraction. My current work is being made around the influence of rules applied in the crafting of game-like experiences. Taking on both the role of the rule-setter and the participant, I am involved in the process of making "situations" (strict conditions with clear rules) and their subsequent resolutions. "Regularities" project investigates the theme of instructions and visual patterns. Individually hand stamped, in a time-consuming, laborious repetition, used simple shapes are creating orders, which are easily ruined by just one mistake, and as easily changed by just one alteration in the instruction. Using bold figures and related to them regulated interactions such as multiplications, shift, and rotation - I aim to reflect on the rule-based conceptual art. Consciously implementing
pattern esthetic, I'm trying to blur the line between generality and particularity in my visual language.


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