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Berta Jayo is a multidisciplinary conceptual artist whose line is marked by codes of a free and surprising nature. She was born in Santander, Spain. Berta Jayo has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country. She did postgraduate and master at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London and continued her training at International Studio and Curatorial Program in New York. In her works Berta Jayo shows an intelligent and innovative art, far from stereotypes. In one of her last appearances, she makes a series of photographs in which the most important monuments in the world disappear, where she emphasizes the importance of creation in our society. Berta's works have been shown in exhibitions such as: "Esquisite Doll Kit", Mexico, IV New Media Festival, Hardcore Contemporary Space, Miami, "Regreen Arts" Void +, Tokyo, "Women Alone", Berlin International Video Festival , ELLAS, itinerant Madrid, Sala Robayera, Creators of the 20th and 21st centuries together with Marina Abramović or Esther Ferrer, El Kubo San Sebastián, as well as in public interventions carried out in areas of a specific city, at fairs such as ARCO, Frieze London, Pulse NY, Art Basel Switzerland, 57 Venice Biennale, 14 Documenta Kassel or in museums such as The Chill Concept Miami, Bronx Museum NY, CAC Málaga, MAS, Gugenheim Bilbao, Tate Modern, Reina Sofía, MoMa, Louvre Paris.

Magazines & Poverty

In these series we see how poverty appears on the front pages of made up magazines dedicated to beauty, and how it is, in a way absurd compared to poverty. We see how aesthetic resources are meaningless when we present images of people who do not have basic needs covered.
There are many people who suffer and die from a bad life and few efforts we make to remedy this situation. Let's dream of a better world.  Let us make a world where everyone fits, and that nobody lacks what human dignity demands.

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Instagram: @bertajayo
Facebook: Berta Jayo

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