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Niloofar Gholamrezaei is a visual artist, educator, and scholar. She was born in Tehran, Iran. She is currently a PhD candidate in Fine Arts: Critical Studies and Artistic Practice at Texas Tech University. She also has her MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and her BFA from Tehran University of Art.
This body of her works reflects metaphoric figurative paintings. Twilight is a metaphor for a condition of ambiguity, doubt, paradox, and the state of existing between two opposites. A twilight zone is a state of time that is neither day nor night, dark or light. This metaphor in her works mostly relates to ethics and human ethical experience of situations that are in between the opposites of good and evil or a condition in which the opposites co-exist. This series is particularly a response to the political ideologies in post-revolutionary Iran, which project a sharp binary between right and wrong and directly challenge the self-perception of absolute “right” on the part of the current Iranian power structure. In this series of her works, there is often a figure, mostly a musician, that appears in the twilight landscape. The musician is a metaphor for a heroic act of contemplation, resisting, and hope within the paradoxical, ambiguous condition of a twilight zone.

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Instagram: @niloofarghvisualarts

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