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Story of a Girl: Fragmented Memories

Alex Owens is a conceptual artist whose work stems from her trauma of being raped. Her art is a visualization of her approach to understanding and coping with this trauma. Alex believes that the process of research, self reflection, performance, and writing, though typically unseen by others, are equally as important as the process of creating itself. Also at the heart of her work is an obsession with idealization versus reality, specifically in the concepts of memory, experience, and love.

Alex Owens attended Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri and received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Visual Art, with an emphasis in printmaking. Alex currently lives and works in Columbus, Georgia where she explores nontraditional materials.

Interested in seeing more of Alex's artworks? Visit her website

Mya Nichol : Inspired by artists Helmut Newton and Barbara Kruger, this photo series shares an intimate reflection on womanhood and sex in the modern world. Through nine photographic works, Story of a Girl follows a young woman growing up in a small town. Sharing the girl’s story of sexual abuse through the artist’s eyes, Mya Nichol painted direct quotes and censored her subject’s body to show the detrimental way in which sexual violence is often perceived. Each photograph is a chapter, reflecting on specific experiences, raw emotions, and confusing responses faced as a result of opening up. “I believe we have come to an extremely unhealthy place. When discussing sexual assault, we tend to place the blame on women by asking, ‘what were you wearing? Were you drinking? Why did you go to that party?’ It's never about the man who abused her”, the artist quotes. Mya Nichol hopes Story of a Girl serves as a reminder that sexual assault will remain a problem unless we change our outlook. This exhibition hopes to enable men to look at how their actions, language, and perceptions of women and their bodies play a role in sexual violence, and in doing so, provide an open space for more women to unapologetically share their stories.

Interested in seeing more of Mya's artworks? Visit her Instagram

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