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Tyrone Johnson-Neuland: Art Attack on Cyber

The “Art Attack on Cyber” is an exhibition of paintings that explore and are meant to educate the viewer on the economic and psychological impacts of cybercrimes. These paintings follow very much in the long-established tradition of the Expressionists, using an intensity of color and gestural brushstrokes to portray the strength of feeling and emotion. I use any paint medium that is at my disposal and thrive on what can be unexpected results. The process is always a battle of the chaotic vs the introspective. The subject matters vary from the figurative to the pure abstract but always with the purpose of finding depth within the object, space, and soul. My paintings are developed from personal and emotional feelings that are sparked by the day-to-day experiences of a father, husband, son, employee, and general spectator of the modern world. We all have ways of internally processing information to make sense of our surroundings. My art allows me the opportunity to challenge, question, and contradict the culture that surrounds me.

Interested in seeing more of Tyrone's work? Visit his website 

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